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[IP] Re: A1c

Hmm.  A bit of concern over the A1c being in the 4's.

Some information about the A1c.  To achieve a low A1c does NOT mean 
that most of your test would need to be lower...only that your blood 
sugar would have to be in that range most of the time.  Before an 
elevated blood sugar would affect an A1c, you would have to be elevated 
for more than a couple of hours.  

So, I could, technically, be 100 pre-meal, and then test 1 hour post-
meal and have a 200, and then test again 1 hour later and be at 100 
again.  As far as the A1c is "concerned", the BG was never above 100, 
because it was not above that long enough to "register".  

You can achieve lower A1cs not by avoiding highs...but by avoiding 
prolonged highs. Now, obviously, if you have frequent highs, that means 
in general your control isn't AS good, and will result in a higher A1c. 

Also, for the record, an A1c of 4.0 would be 65.1 mg/dL average.
4.5 would be 82.9 mg/dL.  4.8 would be 93.58.  5.0 would be average of 
100.7 mg/dL.  But, those are Plasma blood glucose. For whole blood 
glucose, the values would be slightly less... 4.0 -> 60, 4.5 -> 75, 
4.8 -> 84, 5.0 -> 90. Home meters use whole-blood values.

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