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[IP] naked pumper

I don't want to belabor this too much. However, I am considering the pumper 
right now. I want to know how people walk arounf the house naked with the 
pump. My wife and I do go to nudist resorts and beaches almost everyweek in 
the summer. We just got back from two weeks in Saint Martin. We each went 10 
days straight without getting dressed. These situations will be a problems 
with the pump.

But what do people do when they walk from the shower to the kitchen naked  
to get a coffee. When my wife anf I are home we are almot always naked. 
Unless of course we have company. I just don't know what I will do with the 

O have to say, That the Minimed comapny has been giving me alot of pressure 
to get the pump. I went to an infoamational meeting and put my name on a 
list for more information. They called me a few days later and got my 
doctorss name and my insurance infoamtion. They need it to quote me a price. 
Now it has turned to high pressure for me to buy the pump. Is this normal.

Please help me with my decsion to get or not get the pump.

email @ redacted

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