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Re: [IP] Thigh Sites

>Does anyone else, who has had diabetes for a very long time, have this 
>problem. I am now really afraid to use my thighs as the lows during sleep 
>were really severe and I live alone. Any feedback on this would be 
>appreciated. I would like to know what is happening to this insulin that 
>seems to take 12 to 14 hours to peak. If it were my basal rates at night, 
>why would I be high all day and evening????


I prefer not to use my thighs as I do not get very good absorption there, 
probably due to the fact that I used my thighs for years as an injection 
site also.  I've also noticed that, for me, the sites don't last as well 
there and tend to get sore after one day.  So, I've pretty much crossed my 
thighs off as possible infusion sites for me.   As far as your question 
about basal rates at night, do you have the same basal rate all day?  Your 
night basal rate could be too high, while your daytime basal rate could be 
too low.   Are you bgs more stable when you use other sites rather than 
your thighs?  It is possible that your thighs may not be good locations for 
infusion sites for you.  Just because thighs work well for some people, 
doesn't mean that they'll be good for others.  Another example of YMMV.

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