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Re: [IP] A1c's

At 02:56 PM 12/18/02, Jan wrote:

>On the A1c chart I have, a 4% A1c is an average BG of 60.
>  We are continually
>cautioned on this list to NOT drive below 100. How is that justified since
>it is an average and sstill maintain an A1c of 4%? An average of 100 would
>be about 5.8%. I understand that you do not go over 200. I think that's
>wonderful and is remarkable as well that you can maintain in the 4's. I
>still stand by all I have said regarding my original post. The ADA
>recommends below 6.5% and some DMers will try to get in the 4%'s due to
>their competitive spirit and feel guilt (or death?) in the unachievable for
>*them*. (~_^)

I never said I was a 4.0.  I said I was sometimes in the 4's range.  Always 
at the upper 4's, lowest I have ever been is a 4.8.  I disagree that an 
average of 100 would be a 5.8 since, according to my chart a 5.8 is an 
average of 129.  Perhaps we are just splitting hairs here, but my husband 
(non-d) always tests at 96-98 whenever I've checked him.  Now, that would 
be an A1c of 4.8-4.9.  Are you suggesting he should not drive, or that his 
quality of life must be poor?  I think you presume that a person with a 
lower A1c could not possibly consistently check in the 90-100's range, they 
MUST go low to average out the highs they definitely must have (which is 
not always the case.)  I agree that some people may find it difficult to 
get to a lower A1c, and I am not promoting that for anyone.  I am just 
stating that just because a person HAS a lower A1c, it doesn't mean they 
are always low, or have a poor quality of life, or are unsafe to 
drive.   As my endo tells me, it all comes down to genes.   And, since we 
are all different, and have different genetic makeups, no one should be 
pushed to have a lower A1c just because it's a "contest" or expected to 
have a higher A1c just because they have diabetes.  I believe the original 
poster just asked if it was possible to have an A1c in the 4's with a 
pump.  Yes, while it is possible, it can be good or bad, depending on the 
person and their genetic makeup.  I almost hate the fact that they have 
this test, since so many perceive it to be a "contest" or a test of how 
"perfect" they are with their diabetes.

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