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[IP] Follow up to "Waves in CA"

I wrote back to here and here's what she wrote back
you'll be lucky if they don't give you a cut!

One of the things they are saying they will cut is diabetic supplies,
including test strips and syringes- what a great idea!  After all the people
with diabetes go into diabetic coma and need hospitalization, the hospital
can pay for their supplies.

Do you know of any agency or organization that provides supplies to indigent

I did email her back about Together Rx.

2 numbers I got from my pharmacist are:

Together Rx:

She said to dial the first number first and if you can't get through to try
the next one.

This is an idea for those who are not eligible for bennies.

-- U.F.O.s are real, the AIR FORCE doesn't exist.

Jenny Sutherland
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