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[IP] Ruth Lilly "donation"

Hi all,
I mostly just read and gather great info from this list. This morning I  
read in the L.A. Times that the last remaining great grand daughter of Eli 
Lilly gave $120 MILLIION to promote art in schools. Now don't get me wrong, 
I'm all for educating our children in fine arts, but... my 13 year old 
(youngest of 4) has been using humolog, produced by "Lilly" for 4 years. In 
addition to this enormous gift, Ruth also gave $100 MILLION to a "poetry 
magazine" last year.

I don't know if I'm feeling selfish or what, but I would like to read that 
this woman gave a generous gift to JDF so that my child could, some day, not 
have to buy her great grand fathers "insulin".

Thanks for listening, feels good to vent to people with the same daily 
battle. Happy and Healthy Holidays.

Sally Greenfield (mom to Stefanie dx D 98, Celiac 00)

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