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[IP] Re: ACE inhibitors - shorter URLs

> I have not had a cough since I stopped taking it.  I did not take
> any ACE medications for about a year, but my doctor thought it was best
> that I go back on them since I had been a diabetic for 20 years.  For
> me, Cozaar does the trick.  I have been on it since April of this year
> and have not been sick at all.  This is just a suggestion and my case
> may have been an extreme, but you never know.  YMMV  :-)
> Billie


The reason Cozaar does not bother you is because it is not an ACE. It is an
ARB. I cannot take ACEs due to severe coughing of Captopril, then some
others I tried. I lost 7# in 10 days, coughed up foam and gagged, lost my
voice and I do public speaking, could tolerate eating only cream style corn,
bacon, white bread, and milk, and slept most of the day. Those 3 little tiny
pills were what did that to me for about 6 weeks. My neph was sooooo upset
with me for discontinuing Captopril that he threw me out of his office. He
said in all his 10 months of practice, he'd never had a patient like me. I
now see his boss for the last 8 years. ;)  He had also Rx'd an inhaler which
made me gag and waste $45.00.  I now take Cozaar, Norvasc, and Cardura
(Doxacazin (?)) which are all ARBs. I have no cough with them.

BTW, the first neph was upset with me cuz "It helps 95% of the people!!!!!!"
ummmmmmm, and who makes up the other 5%???

 The following URL was given:


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