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Re: [IP] How I Hate Injections Infomation

I agree about reuse of syringes.  Heck I would go until the paint was worn
off and I couldn't guestimate that well.  I think I used one for 4 months at
least...however, I was doing that with a supply of syringes that would have
lasted twelve lifetimes at that rate that my parents got from insurance
around the early 90s.  :-)  I recently requested a perscription for one box
of the 1/3 cc syringes.  All of mine were 1cc or 1/2cc and I found only
needed a few units at a time and wanted the smaller syringe.  Anyways, I
find that I can only use those maybe 5 times before they bend against my
skin.  Literally won't go in.  However if I use the old ones I can go until
the paint wears off.

When they tried to make the needles more ultra-fine they took away some of
the life.  Frankly I think the current syringes hurt more.  YMMV.

-- Sherry
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