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Re: [IP] Re: Ultra Flex and A1c's

I wrote:
>It is actually NOT a contest. Do not harm yourself in trying to achieve
>low of a number. The ADA recommends below 6.5% so 6.4 nor 5.3 sound all
>bad. To achieve in the 4's may be risking others' lives as well. That low
>number may not be safe for driving. What kind of quality of life does the
>4's person have? Toooooo tight of control may *cost* quite a bit. :-(

RosaLea responded with:
>>Woah!  I sometimes have A1c's in the upper 4 range.  And no, I'm not
walking around in a low fog all the time.  To just assume that someone with
a low A1c has one because they're constantly low is not true at all.  And,
my quality of life is just fine.  Due to terrific genes, I am just more
consistently in a good range and rarely, if ever, get as high as 200.>>

hmmmmm - I did say *may* and didn't target any one particular person. I
never mentioned *fog* either. ;) What about someone who risks their own life
trying to achieve an unachievable *4* due to their own competitive spirit?
My post was not a blanket statement - it still is not a contest. The
original poster related how her endo told her of the 4"s person. Some people
will jump on that and try to duplicate it. Others will hear it and let it
roll right off their backs. For the ONE person in 4,000 members, I was
trying to avoid that guilt trip of not being able to achieve something
someone else did and we don't know that one's circumstances as to why they
are so fortunate as to be able to do this without much effort. YMMV? (~_^)

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