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[IP] Re: Ace Inhibitors and cough


I had been treated several times for bronchitis, but I pretty much 
coughed all the time.  People were constantly asking me if I was ok.  In 
June of that year, I was worse than usual and had been treated with 
every kind of prescription cough medicine I think there was.  I was 
coughing so much and so hard, I would even wet myself.  This was 
horrible.  I knew the Accupril had been making me cough even from early 
on.  It began with a tickle, but over time it progressed.  Like I said, 
I finally quit taking the Accupril and was better in a couple of 
weeks. I have not had a cough since I stopped taking it.  I did not take 
any ACE medications for about a year, but my doctor thought it was best 
that I go back on them since I had been a diabetic for 20 years.  For 
me, Cozaar does the trick.  I have been on it since April of this year 
and have not been sick at all.  This is just a suggestion and my case 
may have been an extreme, but you never know.  YMMV  :-)

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