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Re: [IP] How I Hate Injections Infomation

Are you serious!!!!
I occasionally reused a syringe 2 maybe 3 times but I still used a fresh one the next day NEVER would I use it for days on end!  Just first of all it seems really gross but also as far as I knew after 24 hours the leftover insulin in the needle part is suppose to crystalize and I don't know what that effects with the next shots buts thats why we up here are told it's fine to reuse but change at least every 24 hours.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> The mother complaining about having to restart shots commented on 
> running out
> of syringes.  I believe many of us, for sure myself reuse syringes 
> & lancets
> over and over with out find any ill effects from doing it.  They 
> get a little
> dull but can be used for a long time, i.e. until the numbers start 
> to ware off
> the barrel of the plastic.  I am into my 49 year of shots and I 
> use 15 or 20
> syringes per year.
> Charles  Soder..... RX T 1 at age 19 ,insulin for 49 years
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