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Re: [IP] Re: Re: carbs in clementines?

It always amazes me what I can learn on this list!  I've had mandarin
oranges before and never knew that the tangerine and the clementine were
from the mandarin family!

Thanks Sue!

> Clementines: the clementine is a seedless mandarin.
> Mandarins: type of small orange with loose skin. The mandarin got its name
> because it was exploited by high-ranking government officials in China
> (mandarins).
> Tangerines: a tangerine is an orange-red mandarin with a particular citrus
> taste. Can be peeled manually.
> The same article that gave these definitions also had nutritional
> information on all kinds of fruits:
> http://www.thefruitpages.com/contents.shtml
> It did not have nutritional info for the clementine but did have data for
> "Tangerines, (mandarin oranges)".
> http://www.thefruitpages.com/charttangerines.shtml
> It gave the carbs as "Carbohydrate, by difference."  I don't know what "by
> difference"  means. It was listed as 11.19 per 100 grams of edible
> Have a great one,
> Sue
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