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Re: [IP] Re: Ultra Flex and A1c's

At 05:28 PM 12/17/02, Jan wrote:

>It is actually NOT a contest. Do not harm yourself in trying to achieve that
>low of a number. The ADA recommends below 6.5% so 6.4 nor 5.3 sound all that
>bad. To achieve in the 4's may be risking others' lives as well. That low
>number may not be safe for driving. What kind of quality of life does the
>4's person have? Toooooo tight of control may *cost* quite a bit. :-(

Woah!  I sometimes have A1c's in the upper 4 range.  And no, I'm not 
walking around in a low fog all the time.  To just assume that someone with 
a low A1c has one because they're constantly low is not true at all.  And, 
my quality of life is just fine.  Due to terrific genes, I am just more 
consistently in a good range and rarely, if ever, get as high as 200.

dxd 1963
pumping 2000
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