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[IP] Re: Ultra Flex and A1c's

> Those are sold by Disetronic and will work with any standard luer lock
> (506, 507, 508)

Also the 507C. Well, even the Animas pump but not the Paradigm nor the Dana.

And a comment about A1c's:
>  I'm now at 5.3 and my endo recently told me one of his other patients is
in the 4's!

It is actually NOT a contest. Do not harm yourself in trying to achieve that
low of a number. The ADA recommends below 6.5% so 6.4 nor 5.3 sound all that
bad. To achieve in the 4's may be risking others' lives as well. That low
number may not be safe for driving. What kind of quality of life does the
4's person have? Toooooo tight of control may *cost* quite a bit. :-(

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