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Re: [IP] Thigh Sites

What do everyone's sugars run with the pump?  It seems as if I keep moving up my basal rate.  Now I have moved it to .9 and when I started a couple of weeks ago they had it at .5 and it was doing great.  Any feedback would be great.  And I apologize,...I am attaching my question to this e-mail because I can't get onto the site to post.  Steph
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I have been experiencing extreme lows in the middle of the night when using
my thighs as a site. This is what happens. My blood sugars run slightly
higher than usual 2-3 hours post prandial so I make a correction of 1-1.5
units of humalog. Blood sugars come down and then, in the middle of the
night, I crash. It is as if the insulin is working overtime...hours and
hours past the original bolus. Anyone else ever experience this. It only
happens when I use my thighs. I'd appreciate any feedback. I have been on
the pump for 5 months and usually use my stomach.
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