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Re: [IP] New HTron User

At 10:49 AM 12/17/02, you wrote:
>Please  help..I have  started  using the  pump...the  tough  part  is
>counting  carbs  wnen ina  restaurant....ant  suggestions   ..I  know it
>depends  what  you  eat   any suggestions  italian, chinese, mexican,
>places like the Outback....would like some advice     Thanks  Ted
>Ringelheim  Springfield  Virginia

What helped me a lot when I first started pumping was to weigh different 
food items at home so I could get a visualization of how many 
ounces/grams.  Another thing that helps is to check package labels in the 
grocery store to get an idea of how many carbs in items such as tortilla 
shells (you can see the actual size rather than just guessing grams or 
ounces).  Once you get good at guessing amount, the carb counting is a bit 
easier and the PDA guides or carb books are very handy.

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