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Re: [IP] Re: Re: carbs in clementines?

You certainly did not raise my hackles - just reminded me of my carrot juice
drinking days - which happened to be just one of my excessive compulsive
adventures. I see nothing in your post which requires and apology.

I did do some research on the clementine and this is what I found:

Clementines: the clementine is a seedless mandarin.
Mandarins: type of small orange with loose skin. The mandarin got its name
because it was exploited by high-ranking government officials in China

Tangerines: a tangerine is an orange-red mandarin with a particular citrus
taste. Can be peeled manually.

The same article that gave these definitions also had nutritional
information on all kinds of fruits:

It did not have nutritional info for the clementine but did have data for
"Tangerines, (mandarin oranges)".


It gave the carbs as "Carbohydrate, by difference."  I don't know what "by
difference"  means. It was listed as 11.19 per 100 grams of edible portion.

Have a great one,

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> Liz,
> I am beginning to think that I am becoming a grinch.  Or perhaps an alter
> ego takes over at times.  My life is not all that simple.  I think perhaps
> am at  times though.
> You really do sound a lot like me (no insult intended).  I have regularly
> bolused for black coffee.  So, I really do understand what you are talking
> about.  My CDE has asked me to test my blood sugar then drink my usual
> amount of coffee to see just what it does to my blood sugar so that I can
> bolus intelligently (?) for it
> I am amazed that with one e-mail, I managed raise the hackles of carrot
> eaters and clementine eaters in one broad stroke.
> My apologies to all.
> Chris
> > << Why not look up tangerines and be done with it.
> >
> > Is it just me, or is everybody getting a little esoteric around here?
> It's
> > like fretting over sugar in carrots.  As "Diabetes Interview" puts it,
> > one has overdosed on carrots.  They are safe to eat." >>
> >
> > Chris, as I started the clementines thread by saying I was finding
> > conflicting carb info about it, I guess I will esoterically <gr.>
> continue.
> > I seem to react to them as if they have less than the 11g carb/100 g
> > that is listed for tangerines, and I was speculating that perhaps they
> > not, indeed, have the same density as even other clementines.  I'm glad
> you
> > are able to live more simply
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