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Thanks!  I had not thought about checking out one of my "bad" foods (the
ones that leave me high even after a Dual Bolus.)  I will try to fit one in
while on the test.  I was just thinking that I would have my normal "good"
meals but it might be interesting to find out how Pizza or creamy dishes do.
I will  "sacrifice" :o) and have a "bad" meal for the sake of
experimentation. :O)  Now you got me thinking and maybe I should also try
what one glass of wine does!!!

Thanks for the tip.  Greatly appreciated.  I think I will have 

A.L Bender wrote:

- ---------------------------------------------------------
I know no endo interested in the CGMS. There is no reimbursement for CGMS
from Insurance or Medicare. They consider the test medically unecessary.  No
doc will spend the bucks to buy the equipment and disposables to run a test
he will not get paid for interpreting the results. therefore docs will not
invest in it. Some free clinics may buy it if they can rustle up the money
but lets face it in the US medicine is at the physician level a cottage
industry. Even the HMO's don't pay doctors in a timely fashion because they
know that individual doctors have no clout. Minimed has been trying to get
docs to look at CGMS, they look at it but the price tag is out of range,
it's like asking a doctor to invest in a top of the line Leitz Microscope
with the best optics for his or her office, why? to look at an occasional
blood smear or urine sediment? its not needed. They'll go to the hospital
path lab and use one of the Resident's or Fellows scopes. They may even get
an opinion with it. I tried eating Pizza with it to see what the problem was
and found it to be slow digestion. I checked my basals with it. It was a big
help. My doc did not buy one Mini med let me use it. I was trying to get the
diabetes clinic at the hospital to buy one. It is not water proof so make
sure it is in its little showerbag securely b4 showering. Keep the electrode
site dry and secure. the CGMS is sold to MD's or DO's for $3000.
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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