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RE: [IP] Incredible Basal Rate

	There's nothing real different going on.  I've actually increased
daily exercise a bit, and I'm not sick.  My createnine levels are up a bit,
so my Dr. is worried about my kidneys.  That's the only thing going wrong at
the moment.

	I've changed sites many times to make certain that they're not the
issue, and this has spanned two shipments of insulin (mail order pharmacy).
Both were shipped with ice packs and arrived cold. 

> Are you sick?  Have you recently had any serious medical problems?  Are
> you
> changing your sites regularly?  Has your activity level changed?  It
> really
> could be several things.  I was in a pretty serious accident 15 months
> ago.
> I have had many infections, surgeries, etc.  I am now doing much better
> but
> I am still taking 150% more insulin then I did prior to the accident.  I
> was
> really having a hard time with it and then it finally sunk in that it
> doesn't matter how much I am using as long as I can maintain good blood
> glucose levels.  So, speaking from experience if you have already ruled
> out
> all the basics such as sites, insulin, being tested for any infection,
> etc.,
> I wouldn't worry about it because it won't help.
> Fran
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