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Re: [IP] Re: carbs in clementines?

Since I have managed to make myself so controversial lately,  I've decided
to buy some Clementines and have go at them!


> Well said Chris.  But as pumpers we can do even better.  The way to
> know exactly how many carbs in a clementine is to measure BG, then
> eat say half of one without bolusing, and measure BG an hour later.
> If you're smart you can then figure out how much to bolus for a whole
> clementine.
> Only hard part is to remember the numbers for next time ;-)
> -wayne
> <<<<<<<I finally found out what a Clementine was.  It's a tangerine!
> Why not look up tangerines and be done with it.
> Is it just me, or is everybody getting a little esoteric around here?
> like fretting over sugar in carrots.  As "Diabetes Interview" puts it, "No
> one has overdosed on carrots.  They are safe to eat."
> Chris,>>>>>>>>
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