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Re: [IP] Re: Ace Inhibitors and cough

I have been taking Lisinopril about 6 years now and have a dry cough. It is
one of the possible side effects but has not bothered me that much. I am
probably just used to it.

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From: Billie Sue Parker <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] re: high bg's with steroids

>This is just a suggestion.  Are you on an ACE inhibitor?  When I was on
>Accupril I stayed sick for a couple of months.  I finally quit taking
>the Accupril.  I was better within two weeks.  I asked my doctor to give
>me something that would not cause a cough which is a common side effect
>of those type of medications.  I now take Cozaar and do not have a cough
>at all.  HTH  :-)

Billie - when you say you were sick do you mean you had a cough?  How do
determine if it is the Ace that is causing it.  I have been on 3 different
ACE's in the last 4 years.  I seem to frequently have a cough at night -
during the winter but I honestly don't remember when it started.  It seems
like I have always had it.  Currently I am on Zestril and my blood pressure
good and seems to be fairly consistent (about 100/60 pulse around 70).  I'm

switching doctors next month (with new insurance) so will talk to him about

trying something else.

Type 1 - 29 years, pumping 3+ years (Novalog)
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