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Re: [IP] Re: Re: carbs in clementines?


I am beginning to think that I am becoming a grinch.  Or perhaps an alter
ego takes over at times.  My life is not all that simple.  I think perhaps I
am at  times though.

You really do sound a lot like me (no insult intended).  I have regularly
bolused for black coffee.  So, I really do understand what you are talking
about.  My CDE has asked me to test my blood sugar then drink my usual
amount of coffee to see just what it does to my blood sugar so that I can
bolus intelligently (?) for it

I am amazed that with one e-mail, I managed raise the hackles of carrot
eaters and clementine eaters in one broad stroke.

My apologies to all.

> << Why not look up tangerines and be done with it.
> Is it just me, or is everybody getting a little esoteric around here?
> like fretting over sugar in carrots.  As "Diabetes Interview" puts it, "No
> one has overdosed on carrots.  They are safe to eat." >>
> Chris, as I started the clementines thread by saying I was finding
> conflicting carb info about it, I guess I will esoterically <gr.>
> I seem to react to them as if they have less than the 11g carb/100 g fruit
> that is listed for tangerines, and I was speculating that perhaps they did
> not, indeed, have the same density as even other clementines.  I'm glad
> are able to live more simply
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