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Re: [IP] What Are The Variables Of Multiple Corrections?

Subject: Re: [IP] What Are The Variables Of Multiple Corrections?

> Hi,
>     I was wondering if I could get some input from list members
>     about what
> they think the variables are for multiple corrections using rapid
> acting insulin's i.e. Novolog/Humalog? Specifically, If one gives a
> correction now and needs to give another correction before the first
> one is used up does the second or third correction have an increased
> or decreased efficacy?
>     The reason I am asking is that I am writing a program for myself
>     for
> Windows and PalmOS that I can input and save my correction factor,

Actually, I have written one called Logbook DM that already does what you
are looking for.  It has an unused insulin rule already as part of its
features, as well as correction bolus and meal bolus (including setting
multiple correction/meal boluses).  I'm working on a more advanced unused
insulin rule that more accurately mimics the way it acts in the body, as
well as trying to integrate a generalized unused carb rule.  In the
meantime, Logbook DM does an unused insulin rule that pretty much mimics
what John Walsh has published...except that mine can be fine-tuned based on
how long your specific insulin lasts in your body.  (For me, 3.3 hours is
what I set the duration to, which matches what John Walsh uses for

Check out Logbook DM if you want at either handango.com or palmgear.com
before you go to the effort of writing your own.  I'll be updating Logbook
DM with new features about once a month for the next few months.  1.5 is in
the works right now.

BTW, it is for the PalmOS.

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