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Re: [IP] Re:

My old endo in Atlanta used it all the time. Now my new endo in Alabama is
using it as well.

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At 12/16/2002, 06:10 PM Fran Baumgartner wrote:
 >> In a message dated 12/16/2002 3:58:34 PM Central Standard Time,
 >email @ redacted
 >> writes:
 >> > I know no endo interested in the CGMS.
 >> Spot - come to Austin and meet Dr. Blevins he may change your mind.
 >Or Arizona and Dr. Hanson may change your mind.  I guess it would depend
 >which climate is better.  :-)  I think it's a lot warmer in AZ right now.
 >Well Phoenix at least.  :-)

I hate to help rain on Spot's parade, but my doctor's office, in Portland,
OR, has offered this service too.

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