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I wore the CGMS earlier this year and my insurance covered it 100% - I did 
not need preapproval or anything.  

I went to the endo's office and met directly with the MM rep - no endo 

He attached the sensor - which he put in my upper right butt - and took my 
initial BG just before that to calibrate the machine. 

I then proceeded to take my BG as normal for the next 2 1/2 days.  I had to 
input each BG, when I ate, bolused, or exercised.  

I got the results at my next endo appointment and we fine tuned my basal 
rates from the results.  It showed that I was going high just before bedtime 
and low in the middle of the night.  We got my nitetime basal adjusted and 
everything has been fine since then.  

I still have lows, but not as frequent and if I do, they are usually at the 
same time of night, so I adjust my basal rate for the next night by .1 or .2 
and it will work for a little while, and then it needs to be adjusted again, 
but isn't that the fun of being a diabetic?

pumping since 3/01
T1 18 years
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