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[IP] Re: MM's CBGM

We didn't have to pay anything either. No one going through our
clinic had or has to, the insurance was billed in all cases.
The funny thing is, our (Sylvia's and my) clinic had one of their
own for MONTHS but, because of gov't red tape, weren't allowed to
use it until recently (they approved them to buy one but not to
use it...go figure). Anyway...so because of that, the MM rep was
doing them and the gov't was paying the fee for everyone. Makes
no sense but that's how they were doing it (for probably the
better part of a year). When we tried it recently, we didn't even
get 18hrs on it...so much for MM guaranteeing 24hrs!

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Sylvia said:
The CGMS is not rented or bought but available through either
your lcinic's office or your local MM rep.   Our rep allowed us
to use the CGMS FREE last year for Joshua because we use their
pump sets (have a Dis pump)  This is how our guy does it but not
necessarily the way everyone does it.  You will have to contact
your local rep to get the details for your area.  You wear the
device for THREE days and then it is sent in to the rep or clinic
for downloading.  You do not see any of the info while wearing
it.  A chart is printed up based on the info that is downloaded.
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