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Re: [IP] What Are The Variables Of Multiple Corrections?

> Hi,
>     I was wondering if I could get some input from list members
>     about what
> they think the variables are for multiple corrections using rapid
> acting insulin's i.e. Novolog/Humalog? Specifically, If one gives a
> correction now and needs to give another correction before the first
> one is used up does the second or third correction have an increased
> or decreased efficacy?
>     The reason I am asking is that I am writing a program for myself
>     for
> Windows and PalmOS that I can input and save my correction factor,

Each addtional bolus is additive in a linear fashion. To work 
properly, you must account for unused insulin and unused carbs as 
well as any high or low bs factors. Since high's, low's, illness, 
medication, phase of the moon, etc.... can all affect insulin 
sensitivity, your best bet is to use a linear model with adjustments 
for the insulin activity curve and your ratios.

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