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[IP] Re: Re: carbs in clementines?

In a message dated 12/16/02 email @ redacted writes:

<< Why not look up tangerines and be done with it.

Is it just me, or is everybody getting a little esoteric around here?   It's 
like fretting over sugar in carrots.  As "Diabetes Interview" puts it, "No 
one has overdosed on carrots.  They are safe to eat." >>

Chris, as I started the clementines thread by saying I was finding 
conflicting carb info about it, I guess I will esoterically <gr.> continue.  
I seem to react to them as if they have less than the 11g carb/100 g fruit 
that is listed for tangerines, and I was speculating that perhaps they did 
not, indeed, have the same density as even other clementines.  I'm glad you 
are able to live more simply -- earlier in my life I was able to, also (and 
sometimes even now I have periods of stability when little things don't seem 
to matter so much).  But if I don't bolus for, for instance <gr.>, carrots, 
my bg goes up (haven't gotten orange palms since childhood, though, when we 
thought they were a "free" food -- and maybe they were, if I still had some 
insulin production then, but we didn't have adequate techniques to make that 
fine a judgment).  Heck, now I even bolus for celery if I eat very much of 
it.  And I wrote my post after a hypo after bolusing at the above ratio for a 
clementine. YMMV

Was the Diabetes Interview article talking perhaps about low carb diets and 
people who avoid carrots, rather than how to bolus for them? 

Linda Z
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