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[IP] Itchy infusion sites

From: "Jacqueline Hall" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Itchy infusion sites

I have the itchiest and sorest infusion sites. I've been putting the
set on the side of my tummy (since I am pregnant) and now the sites are red,
itchy, sore, it's awful. I finally decided to change the infusion sites all
together which seems to be working out but the other sites are still in bad
shape so I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice about taking care
of the sites or if there is a cream or something available. Thank you.

- ----------------------------------------------------------
Move the sites to your thighs while your tummy recovers. Also you might
benefit from adding velosulin to your humulog if you use humulog. or switch
to Novolog. Using creams or ointments may help on a temporary basis. I
suggest calomine lotion which is non prescription and soothing. speak to
your endo and ob before doing anything. The top of your thighs is a
comfortable site for most folks. try that first. Try not to get the sites
infected, easy when you are diabetic. Sunning might dry them up. It Is
summer there because it is cold as a freezer here. spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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