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[IP] Unused insulin versus unused carbs

I was wondering if anyone has ever seen estimations used for determining
unused carbs in the body?  I know about the unused insulin rule.  But there
is a problem.  Carbs do not get into the bloodstream immediately.  Some take
longer, some quicker...but in general, there is a short delay.

Now, if you apply the unused insulin rule during the time period that there
are still unused carbs, you will get an inaccurate result in terms of blood
glucose levels.

For example, let's say I eat 20 g of CHO, and take 3 units of insulin.  For
the purpose of discussion, let's say it takes 1 hour for the carbs to fully
get into my system, and 3 hours for the insulin to be done.

So, 30 minutes later, I test my blood sugar, and it registers 150.  I still
have 2 1/2 units of unused insulin.  Looking at that alone, I would think
that my blood sugar will drop by nearly 100 mg/dL, putting me low.  So, that
would make me think I need to eat.  But, what is lost is that there are
still 10 g of CHO that haven't yet gotten into my blood stream.

Anyhow, I simplified the example for discussion.  But I was wondering if
there was anywhere anyone has seen average times posted for the time it
takes carbs to enter the blood stream.  It would make calculating unused
insulin more accurate.
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