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[IP] Colonoscopy

VERY VERY NECESSARY TEST,  Catch anything early that might be wrong.
If you are having ANY troubles - this is the test to get.
Make sure your get a FULL Colonoscopy, not just a shorter one - The PREP is
the SAME.
Also, the Colonoscopy is FAR FAR better than a lower GI - the GI Barrium
test is almost worthless....


Good luck to you.

Email be direct if I have be on any assistance.

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Damn right. If colon cancer bites you must kill it right away b4 it gets a
foot hold. Eternal vigilance is the price of good health, especially if you
are diabetic. It really takes over. Ask Katie Couric, her husband died of
it. If some one in your immediate family had it you are at high risk. I can
tell you I spent a year in a cancer hospital as a fellow and now am a
molecular pathology fellow. I prefer the Dulcolax route (the little pills I
call them blasting caps).
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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