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[IP] MM's CBGM & costs

I wore it for 3 days a year ago and the cost billed to me from my health
clinic (who had recently bought the sensor for their use) was $800.00 for the
3 days use, reports, etc.  My insurance covered it at 90% like it would for a
normal office visit but I had to get it pre-approved by insurance.  For me it
was well worth it to check on basals, etc.; but like someone else wrote the
shower bags ARE worthless.  Although it kind of disgusted me since I had
exercised, etc.  I put it in their shower bag, then in a ziplock bag with
packing tape around the tubing into the bag, etc. and then more or less just
stood in the bathtub with a couple inches of water in it and tried to take a
"shower/bath" standing up with just dipping the washcloth in the tub water or
under the faucet.  There would be no way you could just put it in the shower
bag it came with and not get it wet in a real shower.  I was the first person
at our clinic to use it so the MM rep (even though I wear an animas pump) on
his own time came to the clinic to help the CDE insert it, get it started,
etc. and then he came back after I returned it and helped the CDE to get all
the reports, etc. out of the computer.
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