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[IP] Re: carbs in clementines?

Well said Chris.  But as pumpers we can do even better.  The way to 
know exactly how many carbs in a clementine is to measure BG, then 
eat say half of one without bolusing, and measure BG an hour later. 
If you're smart you can then figure out how much to bolus for a whole 
	Only hard part is to remember the numbers for next time ;-)

<<<<<<<I finally found out what a Clementine was.  It's a tangerine! 
Why not look up tangerines and be done with it.
Is it just me, or is everybody getting a little esoteric around here?   It's
like fretting over sugar in carrots.  As "Diabetes Interview" puts it, "No
one has overdosed on carrots.  They are safe to eat."
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