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Re: [IP] MM's CBGM

> I wanted to ask if someone had ever used MM's Continuous BG Monitor.  I am
> scheduled to use one next Friday morning (12/20), and I wanted take the
> advantage of it.  Please feel free to share any tips or examples of
> "experiments" you might have done while hooked to it.

I have actually been hooked up to it twice so far and will be having it done
again soon.  My case is a bit different since my body has gone through hell
and back the last 15 months.  But we're hoping this time around it will be
more beneficial.  Anyway, I have two tips.  1.  Don't do anything special.
Just do as you normally would.  That is the whole point.  EX.  My endo
thought I was dropping at night.  Well I wasn't and that was determined with
the Continuous BG Monitor.  I highly recommend you live your three days on
it just as you would any other time or the information won't be as valid.
Just my opinion.  2.  Make DARN sure that thing is secure in the shower bag.
I mean shake that sucker around before getting into the shower.  I damn near
had a heart attack the first time I wore it into the shower.  Thank God I
was still sitting in a chair with my legs dangling out or I probably would
have owed my endo a few thousand dollars or she would have just shot me.
The bags are worthless so be careful!

>My Endo is not very
> pro pump nor CBGM but she is supportive of what I want :o) so I am not
> counting on too many "pointers" from her.

I am glad you endo is supportive of what you want, yet if I were you I would
get a new endo that is supportive of pumping and the CBGM.  It just doesn't
sound like a good match.

 >I will actually be part of
> "clinic" MM is running to get my endo interested in the technology.

I sure hope it works.

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