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Re: [IP] Novolog problems?

	Marion, I think you've been misled by incorrect information 
on that diabetesnet website: 

	Whoever wrote that article misread the article in Eur J Clin 
Pharm.  That article compared Novolog to Regular insulin, NOT 
humalog.   Didn't your mother tell you that you can't believe 
everything you can read on the web? :-)

  One of the better comparisons between H and N was recently published 
in Diabetes Care 24:1120-21, 2001.  This comparison clearly confirms 
that H is slightly faster on average than N.  However, in looking at 
the curves, the standard deviation is large enough, so that there are 
some people who will find N working a bit faster, and others finding 
H a bit slower.  But all in all the differences in the dynamics 
between the two are quite minor.  And interestingly, for both, their 
is still some residual effect even at 4 h after injection.
   If you or anyone wants a PDF file of that article or the other 
incorrectly cited one, just email me and i'll send them as 

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<"A couple of major differences are being reported by 
users between Novolog
and Humalog. Especially among pumpers who switch from Humalog to Novolog,
reports have surfaced that Novolog appears to be both stronger and quicker
than Humalog, and doses have to be cut in order to prevent hypoglycemia. Dose
reductions are often in the 10% range, and it may be wise to reduce doses
right away to prevent unwanted lows. If, instead, blood sugars rise, doses
can always be raised again.

Novolog also starts working faster than Humalog. Although no direct
comparison of Novolog and Humalog has been reported, one researcy study found
that in normal individuals, Novolog reaches peak activity at 52 minutes,
compared to 145 minutes (2 hours and 25 minutes) for Regular insulin. Humalog
peaks at about 75 minutes (Eur J Clin Pharmacol 1999 May;55(3):199-203). Both
pumpers and injectors may note lower post-meal readings due to the faster
onset of action."
       This is what I was referring to.  Thanks     Marion>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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