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[IP] Re: influenza

>Disagree as much as you like.  Influenza is a respiratory disease.  Don't
>take my word for it, research it yourself.  I suggest a quick reference
>as The Control of Communicable Diseases Manual.  It used to be edited by
>Abram (Bud) Benenson, but someone else is doing it now.

It's not a matter of taking someone's "word".  You are MOSTLY right...but I
was pointing out that influenza CAN and DOES cause vomiting and nausea some
of the time, though it is NOT a primary symptom.  It is secondary.  Vomiting
from influenza itself is usually caused not by the virus itself, but as a
result of the fever that accompies influenza. But, vomiting is NOT part of
the symptoms used to help diagnose influenza because a LOT of the time, it
is not there.

The term "stomach flu" is a term that is used to refer to any illness that
leads to nausea and vomiting.  This CAN include influenza, but also includes
a lot of non-influenza illnesses.  What makes "stomach flu" a myth is that
people have associated all cases of stomach flu with influenza.  Much of the
time, that isn't the case. The Norwalk virus that is going around is a prime
example of the "stomach flu" that isn't influenza.  (If you noticed, I have
always quoted "stomach flu" to indicate that it is a label, not an actual

On a side note, I think I might have the flu right now, despite my flu shot.
I've been having breathing difficulties for the past day and a half now.
Yesterday, I had some mild nausea.  Not certain if it is actually influenza

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