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Re: [IP] Re: carbs in clementines? - Carrots

Chris email @ redacted  wrote: As "Diabetes Interview" puts it, "No one
has overdosed on carrots.  They are safe to eat."

I over dosed (over did it) on carrots but it was not fatal. Sometime ago I
started drinking carrot juice. I was going through 25 lbs of carrots in 4
days. The palms of my hands turned orange. It is very addictive but it had a
very mellowing effect on me. It was also very time consuming. It meant a
trip to the fresh/organic food store every 4 days. Washing and topping the
carrots. Storing them. Then daily making the juice. It was to be consumed, I
think, within 15 minutes to keep all of the vitamins. The taste was very
good all by itself. When, however, I added spinach, celery, cabbage, or any
other veggie I had on hand, it got pretty raunchy.

Have a great one,
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