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Re: [IP] Humalog lows (?)

On 12/15/02 8:40 PM, "Violet Sisson" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi--my humble opinion:  it doesn't make a difference which BRAND of insulin
> you take, it's still the ratio of insulin to carbs that counts.  Of course,
> I'm still on MDI, not having been able to hit the right "buttons" yet to get
> results to qualify for pump therapy


Plain and simple, if you take insulin, you qualify for the insulin pump.
That and taking some responsibility in your own care.   Any other "buttons"
that someone else sets are completely irrelevant.  Don't fall for the "Catch
22" where your A1c isn't good enough to show that you'll be a good pumper,
and then the A1c becomes too good, it shows that you really don't need a
pump.   If you take insulin, you NEED a pump!   And That's That!!    :>)

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