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[IP] Humalog lows (?)

Hi--my humble opinion:  it doesn't make a difference which BRAND of insulin
you take, it's still the ratio of insulin to carbs that counts.  Of course,
I'm still on MDI, not having been able to hit the right "buttons" yet to get
results to qualify for pump therapy, and I know there's some difference there,
but my understanding is the pump is just another delivery system.  So it
should apply, correct basal, correct bolus, consistent carbs=balance.  My
problem has been Lantus--that is, I was taking 'way too much, but now that I'm
cut back to the right amt., as long as I keep my insulin/carb ration right, I
come out ok.  I was having lows several times a week, one even that put me in
ER, ambulance trip and the whole scenario, which scared me to the point I was
willing to make carb counting a serious undertaking.  Reading the ADA bk.,
"Complete Book of Carb Counting", which is WONDERFUL--gives you exact
instructions for getting it all together.  Anyway, that's my input, hope it is
Vi S.
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