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Re: [IP] Re: Novolog problems

>I would very much appreciate the links to the references so I can correct
>some wrong informaton be passed out on other lists.  Also, I am going nuts
>because it helps understand blood sugar when you REALLY know the action times
>of the insulins you are using.  Gabe's b.g.s are more stable with Novolog;
>that would not mkae sense if Novolog started faster and ended quicker,
>because Gabe digests real slowly.  However, according to what I read ( I will
>send you the link), the opposite is true; Humalog is slower starting, peaking
>and finishing.
>I hope we get this straightened out.

Everyone must realize that each person will react differently to 
medications.  That's one reason why when you look at the timing on those 
information booklets it has such a wide range..

Its a YMMV situation.

Brian Carter
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