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Re: [IP] Colonoscopy

As has been stated - Just stay on your basels, and check frequently.
MAKE  sure the the Doctor knows about the pump and had a Glucagon shot ready it needed.

The PREP is the Worst part! Eat lightly, non-fat non-greasey food the day or two before
your test. Drink PLENTY of Water. Have test scheduled FIRST thing in the morning
if at ALL possible.

I have had Colon Cancer, so go thru these every six months or so, not fun, but
the prep is the worst part.

There is an alternate prep to the two gallons of yuck - four little yellow pills - but they are very powerfull.
One thing for sure - you are definently "cleaned" out when you finish the prep.

They usually give you a sedative - somewhat like valumin - that makes you awake, but not with it - dreamlike.
Small discomfort from Air, etc. during the procedure. - 

VERY VERY NECESSARY TEST,  Catch anything early that might be wrong. 
If you are having ANY troubles - this is the test to get.
Make sure your get a FULL Colonoscopy, not just a shorter one - The PREP is the SAME.
Also, the Colonoscopy is FAR FAR better than a lower GI - the GI Barrium test is almost worthless....


Good luck to you.

Email be direct if I have be on any assistance.

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