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[IP] Re: Novolog problems

>I believe you have the two reversed:
>Novolog starts in 5 minutes, peaks in 50 minutes and has a shorter duration
>than Humalog.
>Humalog starts in 15 minutes, peaks in 1.5 hours and finishes later than


I checked several sources on the internet.  I was correct about the times.
Novolog was listed as longer acting and slower than Humalog in every case.
And, that makes sense as to why you can get more stable basal rates with
Novolog than Humalog.

When they list times for BOTH Novolog and Humalog (usually listed as
"Insulin Analogs" or such) then they give ranges such as 5-15 minutes, etc.
But, every site I referenced listed Humalog as faster acting.  I couldn't
find any that were reversed, other than the afforementioned diabetesnet.com,
which was not based on any actually scientific statement.

But, again...I think it can be highly individual.  While the average case is
that Novolog is longer acting, there are those that it will work faster for,
etc.  It is hard to speak in absolutes in the matter, just generalities and
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