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Re: [IP] Novolog problems?

In a message dated 12/15/02 12:41:07 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Marion
> What kind of insulin do you use for your son?
> Thanks
> Michele

Up to about 1.5 weeks ago we were using Humalog in the Minimed Paradigm pump; 
but for the last three months we were getting very odd numbers about once a 
week; we change the site religiously every two days and the sites appear 
fine, so I as blaming it on "puberty."  However, Gabe is a late bloomer and 
Doc says he is not in puberty yet.

About 10 days ago, I got fed up and decided to try Novolog.  We have a vial 
on hand because we had thought about trying it previously.

His numbers are much better with the Novolog; less lows, more stable 
overnight.  We have let the sites go to 2.5 days now and there is no problem 
on the last day; the area under the set is less raised and not red.

The next set, after this one, we will let go for 3 days.  We found that .1 
unit of basal pretty much covers 30 points or so overnight.

For now, we are sticking with Novolog.

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