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[IP] Re: Maude report

       Thanks to all of your responses to my concerns about pump therapy 
after reading the couple of scarey death incidences on the Maude report.  I'm 
not an overly paranoid parent, but that did sort of shake me up.  I have no 
fears as long as my daughter is living in my house, but my oldest is off to 
college for his first year and the stories he has to tell me, about the 
parties, late nights, etc. etc, scare me in sending my daughter off to 
college.  I won't be there to test her in the middle of the night, and I do 
this often as it is.  Anytime I wake up, I go in and check her.  I found her 
in convulsions once in the middle of the night, so am always very careful.  
Lantus has helped with night time lows.
       She has had diabetes for 13 years and I wanted her on an insulin pump 
when she was about 10, but Columbus, Ohio is too backwords and NONE of the 
endos. here would consider it.  I problably should have gone to another town. 
 Now she is a teenager, she is 16, she really doesn't want it but she is 
smart enough to know it will probably give her better control and we both 
think she should try it before college.
       Thanks again.  I love reading everyone's posts.  Happy holidays to 
all.  Lisa  
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