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Re: [IP] premenopausal swings

I'm 54 and hope to be premenopausal...soon.  However, my bg's jump sky high
from the time I ovulate to when my period starts.
This has been my pattern for the past couple of years.
My endo increased my basal rate .3 units for the two weeks before my period.
For the first time in years
my 14 day average is the same as my 30 day average.
I know this is a difficult time and watching the swings is not pleasant
either, but hang in.
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> Hi.  This question goes out to any woman who is approaching menopause (I'm
> 47 y.o.) and/or anyone that might be able to help me understand this
> phenomenon that I've been going through for the last few months.  After I
> ovulate I seem to have serious problems with my nighttime blood sugars.
> They go up all night on my regular basal level-not consistently, of course
> so that I can plot it but signifigantly.  About 15-20 points/hour.  I've
> been waking every couple of hours to do a correction, but it's taking a
> toll.  I am exhausted!!  Any similar experiences? Words of advice?  Has
> anyone ever tried small amount of glucophage on top of his/her insulin, to
> deal with morning highs. Thanks in advance for your help.  Barbara
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