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Re: [IP] Re: skipping meals

> Laurie,
> At one of our pump support groups, we talked about making business 
> size cards to politely hand to people to get the message across. 
>  One person can format it and we can all download it :-)! examples: 
> "Thanks for your concern, I've got it under control.", "Perhaps you 
> were taught about diabetes a long time ago, but diabetes management 
> is completely different in the year 2003".."I don't have YOUR 
> GRANDMOTHER'S diabetes" .yada yada yada - all aimed at various ranks 
> of diabetes police.  Your daughter could print some that politely 
> say "I like to be the one to tell others about MY diabetes. Thanks 
> for caring."  

My favorite saying is in reply to when someone says "You don't look like a 
diabetic"  I say "well you don't look like an idiot, but see looks can be 

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