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[IP] What Are The Variables Of Multiple Corrections?

    I was wondering if I could get some input from list members about what
they think the variables are for multiple corrections using rapid acting
insulin's i.e. Novolog/Humalog? Specifically, If one gives a correction now
and needs to give another correction before the first one is used up does the
second or third correction have an increased or decreased efficacy?
    The reason I am asking is that I am writing a program for myself for
Windows and PalmOS that I can input and save my correction factor, type of
insulin used, mg/dl or "the other one" <grin>, how long the rapid acting
insulin lasts in me, target BG, etc. And the program will ask, upon start-up,
my current BG and if any corrections were given. Then it will calculate the
needed correction, save it, and depreciate it over the pre-entered time that
the insulin lasts in me. That way if another correction is needed later it
will calculate it based on current BG and previous correction.
    I also need to know if say your rapid acting insulin lasts 5 hours does it
diminish by 20% per hour or do people experience another ratio like 30% the
first hour, 20% the second, then 10%, then 5%? You could plug in your own
variables there. Mine seems to diminish at about 20% per hour for 5 hours
using Novolog, but I haven't really tested that theory yet. I wasn't going to
bother if almost everyone's corrections seem to diminish at a steady rate.
    If anyone knows of any research URL's I would appreciate it.
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Thank You For Your Input,

Cody S. Alderson
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