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[IP] Re: skipping meals


At one of our pump support groups, we talked about making business size cards 
to politely hand to people to get the message across.  One person can format 
it and we can all download it :-)! examples: "Thanks for your concern, I've 
got it under control.", "Perhaps you were taught about diabetes a long time 
ago, but diabetes management is completely different in the year 2003".."I 
don't have YOUR GRANDMOTHER'S diabetes" .yada yada yada - all aimed at 
various ranks of diabetes police.  Your daughter could print some that 
politely say "I like to be the one to tell others about MY diabetes. Thanks 
for caring."  

Perhaps this wonderful group of IPers could come up with enough quotes, that 
we could all go out and buy some of those business cards that you print on 
your printer, and carry the decks around.  The opposite side could of course 
be a red circle with the angled line going across the words diabetes police.

As for the sugar free, simply tell them you appreciate their thoughtfullness 
but aspartame (nutrasweet) gives you headaches.  End of subject.  Or hand 
that person a card that says, thanks for thinking of me but nutrasweet gives 
me headaches.  

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