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[IP] Re: skipping meals -- sugar free sweets

       When this happens I do thank the person for being so thoughtful.  But 
then I explain to them that these chocolates and sweets contain sorbitol (or 
other "ol" sweeteners) which are not recommended for children as they cause 
gastro-intestinal upset.  To make them not feel bad, I tell them the story 
about buying Claire sugar-free freezie pops the first summer after dx, and 
letting her eat quite a few.  She then spent a lot of time on the toilet.  I 
know that you aren't a child, but you can just say that they cause tummy 
upsets in many people and that you prefer to deal with regular sugar items, 
as this is quite possible with your pump.  The bit about upset tummies may 
stick in their mind better than your other explanation as some people have no 
clue about the concept of carbohydrates.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> <<how do you deal with people who go out of their way to buy you sugarfree 
> stuff?  >>...<<  I certainly would not want to 
> offend someone who has gone out of there way to get me something but on the 
> other hand I wouldn't want them to continue to do it.  Besides I think 
> sugarfree food is deceptive and should come with a warning label that it 
> does 
> not mean "carb-free".>>
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