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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #849

> I'm now thinking of the Minimed 508, which most of you use, according to
> the pumpers profile.
> What have been your experiences?  Are there any negatives I should know
> about?  How noisy is it?  Has static electricity been a problem?
> Anything you can tell me will be greatly appreciated.
> Diane Richards

I don't think it's all that noisy. Mine is a 507c which is extemely similar
without the remote. The clicks I think save my life once. My fault - I was
in such a low that I didn't think of the candy on the headboard, but HAD to
get to the fridge (to eat it). I had a yellow spot in my vision and pretty
soon black = no vision. I thought I'd stop the pump (verrry foolish idea).
and as I walked the hall heard click, click, click, click...  By the time I
realized what the noise was, I had infused 1.9 units of insulin!!! very
dangerous. I'm sure I had it set to the maximum volume of delivery - 10
units. If I had passed out, those 10u could have done me in. I
want/need/love those clicks!! YMMV (~_^)

> ------------------------------

> Also how do you deal with people who go out of their way to buy you
> stuff?  We had an icecream social at work and the organizers bought
> icecream - "just for me".  While this is a thoughtful gesture, there is
> the same carbs in sugarfree icecream and we can eat what we want. I had
> this particular person that several times.
> Laurie

My church functions provide *diabetic* ice cream and they include me in it.
I showed them the carb count on each carton and they understood. They don't
bother me but one particular man doesn't pay attention to the cake carbs,
etc. and indulges in the diet ice cream with it. I think he does a BG once a
week and it's usually pretty high. (~_^)

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